Ewood Centre

The Ewood Centre is a Nurture Group based in a large multi-purpose classroom within Todmorden High School.

It provides a safe base with a relaxed atmosphere where identified students can come for planned sessions and drop-in support at social times.

The Ewood Centre aims to help students feel confident, understood, welcome, relaxed,  happy, inspired and valued.

What are our Aims ?

  • To build confidence and self – esteem.
  • To build relationships with peers in their classroom.
  • To create a safe environment for ourselves and others.
  • To show our emotions in an acceptable manner.
  • To understand we are responsible for our own behaviour.
  • To understand we all make mistakes and it is ok to do so.
  • To develop good listening and social skills.
  • To enhance life skills.
  • To keep on trying, having a go and  doing our best.
  • To celebrate our achievements.

Why and How will we do this ?

In Feelings Time

  • To be more aware of how we feel and how others may feel.
  • To feel free to express our opinions to talk openly to the group.
  • To learn to listen to others and respond at the appropriate time.

In Shared Eating

  • Learning to share our snacks, offering them to others before ourselves.
  • Using good table manners.
  • Showing good organisational skills by preparing and clearing away.
  • Sampling foods we have never tried before.
  • Feeling confident during social chats and sharing news around the table.

 In Activity Time

  • To co-operate with each other, to share, to take turns and learn to wait.
  • To make friends and socialize through various activities such as role play, baking and problem solving.
  • To incorporate the curriculum within our activities such as  English, Maths, and Technology.
  • To set ourselves goals and recognise our achievements.
Gail Timewell

Gail Timewell

TAC Officer
Alison Stiff

Alison Stiff

TAC Officer

The Ewood Centre works towards building strong links between school and home. Staff are available to  discuss the progress being made and will listen and support parents with any queries or concerns they may have.

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