Extra-Curricular Activities

Here at Todmorden High School, we are committed to ensuring that students receive a broad and balanced education, focused on the core values of ambition, respect, care and honesty. This educational experience is enriched through the delivery of a wide variety of exciting extra-curricular activities, outside of lesson time, allowing a fantastic opportunity for students to expand on their learning and to engage in subjects that capture their interests and hobbies. We ensure that all of our students find something that suits their needs and desires, therefore, our extra-curricular timetable represents all subjects across the board. We are committed to ensuring that our students are given as many opportunities as possible to be supported and experience something new to help them develop as young members of our community.

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Guidance for in school

Covid-19 notice

From the 27th September 2021, we are asking all students and staff to wear masks in communal areas. Read our weekly letter for more information.

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