Remote Learning

Updated 17/03/2021

Please find the remote learning guidance below, this has been updated 15th March 2021 as the school is reopening.

If your child is unwell and unable to complete remote learning, please continue to email so we can ensure your child does not receive a notification for a lack of remote learning via ClassCharts. 

For all students completing remote learning. 

There is an expectation for students to be completing the work that has been set to the best of their ability. We will inform parents where students are not meeting these expectations via notifications on ClassCharts and/or phone calls. 

Students should expect to be completing 5 hours of work per day, plus homework and/or revision for KS4 students.   

Students should use their in-school timetables (available on ClassCharts) to help manage their time effectively.  

Students are expected to share evidence of their work with their usual classroom teacher on a minimum of a weekly basis. 

If a student/group of students have to self-isolate. 

Students will have a phone call on the first day of absence to ensure they have accessed the work and that they are ok. On subsequent days’ students will have an email or a phone call that they will need to respond to. 

Work will be set via email, students must logon to their school email on a daily basis to check and download their work. This will be set at a minimum frequency of once per week. 

Students should follow their usual school timetable, completing the work in hour blocks. 

Where appropriate, teachers may ‘live stream’ their lessons for students at home to join and participate, this is most likely to occur in KS4. Students will receive invites via Teams when this is planned, students are expected to attend these sessions. 

Evidence of all completed work should be emailed to their classroom teacher at least weekly. 

If a year group bubble has to close. 

Work will be set on ClassCharts daily. Students should logon to ClassCharts daily and work through the activities that have been set for that specific day. 

Teams’ meetings will be arranged, there will be at least one live synchronous) lesson for English, Maths and Science weekly. These will appear on student’s email calendar, so this needs to be checked daily. 

Assemblies on Teams will take place at least weekly. 

Students should attend all Teams sessions that are provided. 

Students to submit key pieces of work set by their teachers through Microsoft Assignments on a weekly basis. 

To enable remote learning to have the greatest impact, parental support is crucial. If you require any additional support to ensure your child can meet the expectations, including any technology e.g. a laptop, please contact your child’s learning manager in the first instance: 

Please find the full remote learning strategy, a parent and student help guide and other useful documents in the links below.

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