A-moozing 1/2 term project!

Ewan, 7KSM, decided to get creative over half term and took Miss Smith’s stress cow on travels with him. The project that he undertook, completely self motivated, involved drawing and writing detailed postcards about his adventures with the stress cow. The outcome of this project is absolutely fantastic, funny, creative and well written. Well done Ewan, what an amazing piece of work.

Miss Smith said “I have a stress cow that lives on my desk that I got from university. I sometimes use it as a destresser for pupils, but I also just have her for decoration. One of the kids in my form had took a shine to her and we decided he could take her home for half term (so she wouldn’t be lonely) and that he’d send me updates of her adventures – I didn’t quite realise he’d be so dedicated to her adventures, I thought he’d just send me pics of her at the park!”

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