Trip to the Turf

This week a group of students went on a trip to Turf Moor with Mrs K, focusing on self-confidence, aspiration and social action.. This was an opportunity for students to work on the Turf and take part in several inspiring activities. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the trip and many thanks to Mrs K for organising and Mr George for driving the bus and assisting on the day. Feedback from the day was as follows;

  • Students engaged in fantastic engaging activities, role play, and received premier league lanyards which they got to keep. Students spent time in the changing rooms, press room where they role-played the journalists, around the football field, and in the shop.
  • Students demonstrated brilliant behaviour, were enthusiastic, partook in a celebratory atmosphere, and really enjoyed the day making sure that they asked a number of sensible questions.
  • Students took part in project work, were fantastic in their team working, and were all very engaged and enjoyed every minute of it.
  • Mr George came alone and was very supportive and the BFC team were brilliant and had so many things for the students to do.
  • It was a very well-deserved treat that all of them want to repeat and will definitely be put in place again for next year. 

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