BLM English project

Humaira, a Year 8 student, wrote a piece of poetry regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, set as part of an English project. We were so impressed with it that Mrs Maude made arrangements for it to appear on our website. Mrs Maude said

“I have just awarded Humaira +5 ARCH points on class charts for this piece of work that she has produced.  It is absolutely wonderful and I am sure you will enjoy reading it too.  I have shared the praise with Humaira.  She has been an absolute star during lockdown with absolutely fantastic contributions in all online lessons.”

Amazing work Humaira!

Black Lives Matter

“This is America”…

The Free World”…

It all started with George Floyd, 46, on the 25th of May,

Despite the fact that black people die to racism, in the hands the of police every day,

Handcuffed and helpless, pleading for his life on the ground,

Not being able to breathe, barely making a sound,

The white cop kneeled on top of his neck,

For a whole 8 minutes and 46 seconds,

The whole situation a wreck,

‘I can’t breathe’



He said calling for his mother,

‘I can’t breathe..’

His final words, all caught on camera.

The two men even knew each other from work, but that didn’t matter,

The colour of skin over the pureness of your soul,

This is the way of our modern world.

Outrage, outbreak, spreading like wildfire across the globe,

From the slaves of the 17th century, to now, who would ever know,

That people of all colour protest and persevere,

BLACK LIVES MATTER, those words they need to hear,

Many others dead, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, just to name a few,

Both killed mercilessly, I’ll tell you their stories too,

Ahmaud Arbery, only 25,

So young, he had barely been alive,

Just innocently jogging down his street,

Chased and shot by two white people, a gun was his demise to meet,

The obvious target, a black man, to accuse of theft,

Travis Micheal and his father Gregory having no regrets.

White man, Richard Demsick, ran shirtless with a tv,

To prove that racism indeed killed the young Arbery,

Yet no-one stopped him, even with the towns recent string of thefts,

No-one interfered from the right nor the left.

Next Breonna Taylor, murdered on March 13,

Shot eight times, blood splattered on the window-screen,

Only 26, asleep in her apartment,

Three police barging in, guns out, she was frozen like cement,

Her life gone that quick, shot in 8 swift motions,

The police that did it, devoid of all emotion.

Tiktok, facebook, youtube and more,

Getting this message through every household and every closed doors,

Videos and footage of death and protests,

We are all one humankind, every race, religion, ethnicity we must protect,

Police throwing tear gas and pushing back at protesters,

When they’re trying to get message through to them,

Now justice and protest equals arrest,

The least you could do is fight this inequality,

To let those souls who’ve been wrongfully murdered for the colour of their skin rest.

Imagine being a black mother too afraid to let her child outside,

Not knowing whether they’ll come back dead or alive,

You shouldn’t hate the colour of your skin, you should have pride,

God created us all the same,

It’s not you it’s the rest of us to blame,

A black person still enslaved by the colour of their skin,

Not by the character that comes from within,

We are all the same if you cut us open we all bleed red,

We live in the 21st century but many still have backwards thinking,

We are only constrained by the shackles within our minds,

Liberate yourselves, let’s all unite,

Stand together as one,

Fight for justice, equality and most importantly… humanity.

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