Budding artist in the making

Fred (Year 8) has been making some amazing art work while he has been in lockdown. Mr Freeman nominated him for a news piece on the website and we are really impressed with what he has made. He has obviously been really busy!

Mr Freeman sent Fred this personalised feedback that we wanted to share: Wow absolutely love your work Fred I am so impressed with the quality of every piece you have created well done!

The first image really captures the dark mood of our current situation and the text compliments it very well. To improve I would recommend adding some really dark areas with a softer pencil and more pressure especially in the background to make the character come forward in the image. 

The colour gradients in the second image are amazing and the piece is quite abstract, it leads the viewer to question what is happening and what the work is trying to say. It is a very cool piece – very imaginative. To improve I would recommend adding some colour gradients to the background or create a tonal area around the image to make the main figure come off the page.

The composition of the final piece is very pleasing to the eye and brings all the focus to the flower itself. I would recommend you add some darker greens to the leaves to show the areas of darkness created by the flowers shadow upon it.

Amazing work overall I cant believe how well you have done! Keep up the great work. I am going to pass your work to your head of year to see and hopefully get it on our twitter to share!


Mr Freeman

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