EPIC day 2018

Today Miss Shirt, Mrs Connolly, Ms Wells and Mr Womack delivered sessions for our school ‘EPIC’ day, designed for ‘exceptional progress in core’ subjects. This day was created by our Year 8 Student Voice team. Students across KS3 maths were nominated by their teachers for making the most progress between STARS 2 and STARS 3 this academic year. Where there was a tie, teachers looked at which students took the most responsibility for their progress. Our students came in non-uniform and enjoyed;

  • Gardening and team building with Mr Womack- creating a wildlife corridor to encourage and help our local wildlife, and also built a catapult from which they were allowed to fire eggs at Mr Womack!
  • A session on ‘Food Glorious Food’ put together by Miss Shirt, students did some online research about food from around the world and then made pancakes and waffles with me as well as enjoying some tasty foods from around the world.
  • A spray painting session with Mrs Connolly based on the work of the artist Banksy and in the theme of the world cup.
  • A session with Ms Wells on ‘Poetry Slam!’ engaging students with creative language and expressing themselves through poetry.

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