Attendance soaring high as a bird!

On Friday 24th May 2019 a selection of Year 7 students took part in a Falconry Day as a reward for excellent attendance. Students worked with a Falconry expert learning about handling birds, looking after them, what they eat, where they live and many more interesting facts. The students got to meet a White-Faced Owl and a Harris Hawk, who spent the day in Room 42 with the students and then some time outside flying. The event was organised by Mrs Davies, as a reward for some fantastic attendance this year. Research has shown a direct link between the progress that students make and their attendance.  If a student has 90% attendance then it is likely that they will achieve one grade below their target however, students with 100% attendance tend to achieve beyond their target. Your child’s attendance plays a crucial part in the progress that they will make in school.  It is therefore essential that, wherever possible, they attend school every day. Thanks for your continued support working towards our target of 97% attendance across the school. This event was run by

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