Lord Lieutenant Visit- October 2019

The Lord Lieutenant came to visit Todmorden in October last year. We were proud to be a part of the day. We were very proud of our students who took part in the visit and were excellent representatives of our school.

We were recently contacted by Ms Moreton Deakin, who arranged the event. She said “As you now know, I was overwhelmed with the response from people passionate about where they live, what they do and the difference they make to others. It was an ambitious agenda for the day, but we still left out far more than we included. Given the profile of responses, my suggestion of the strap line for the day became an obvious choice:-

‘By industry, kindness, the arts and the environment we prosper.’

This town shone in every sense of the word. The sun came out and kindness, warmth and passion ran through the day like the wording in a stick of rock. You all did yourselves and the town proud … thank you so much!

I have had some wonderful messages from both guests and those taking part in supporting the day. The quote below is from the Lord Lieutenant, who had a remarkable day. Please don’t be afraid to invite him back to any of your special occasions or events. I know that he tries to attend as many events as possible throughout the county, but if he is unable to to do so, will always ask a Deputy to represent him.

‘I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the day. Thank you so much.You have a wonderful community spirit in Todmorden. It really was heartwarming to experience it.’

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