The Covasettes

Last Friday we had a visiting band called ‘The Covasettes’. They burst onto the scene in late 2017 with the release of their debut single, ‘This Feeling,’ and have since played sold out shows all over the UK. The band are all University graduates so are in the perfect position to be talking about careers, education & options after school. The band performed for all year groups across the day and performed around the theme of ‘Raising Aspirations’. The band are all pursuing their dream career and are all University graduates so are in a great position to deliver such a positive message. The band discussed the importance of working hard at school, why education is so important, how it impacts later life and the options pupils have after school as well as discussing their own personal stories and achievements. On top of this they offered advice on how to respond to bullying or cyber bullying reflecting on personal experiences as well as discussing ways to stay safe online. The talk was very interactive and got the pupils involved. Our students had a great experience and enjoyed the day.

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