STEM at Todmorden High School

After Easter we will be starting a year 7 Science STEM club. The club will run for 5 weeks starting on Thursday 22nd April 3-4pm. This is a great opportunity to develop your science skills and try out some new practical sessions. If you would like to attend then you will need to fill in an application form as we only have a limited number of places available. This can be found on Class Charts or ask your science teacher for a copy.

I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here

Before Christmas, students in year 7 all too part in I’m a Scientist. This is a fantastic online resource where students were given the opportunity to ask real scientists and ask them questions about their research. The scientists involved were all from different areas of science and were able to give the students a real insight into the many STEM career paths.

Students really engaged with this and showed their ARCH values by being polite and respectful to the scientists they were speaking to and asking ambitious questions. Theo Madden came up with this question for one of the scientists who carries out work involving 3d printing, “How big can you 3d print and can you use it for life saving medical usage?”. We were extremely proud of our year 7 students throughout the week and we hope to be able to do this activity again with other students in the future.

British Science Week

British Science Week this year is taking place between 5th and 14th March. Our plans this year are slightly different and have been affected by the current pandemic. Nevertheless, Mrs Bramwell and Miss Bladon have been working hard to plan a week of lessons for all of our KS3 students based on this year’s theme “Innovating for our Future”. The lessons throughout the week will focus on renewable energy and wind turbines. Students will be asked to design their own innovative wind turbine and prizes will be awarded for the best designs in each year group. The winning designs will be shown right here on the school website once the winners have been decided!

Future plans at THS…

STEM Science Club

We hope that as restrictions ease we will be able to begin an extra-curricular STEM Science club. This will give students the opportunity to carry out different projects and experiments looking at different areas of Science outside of the National Curriculum. Students will develop their practical and scientific skills in a supportive environment and get an insight into some of the potential careers science can lead to.

More details on this and how to get involved will be provided in the coming weeks.

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